Mind Hack

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    Lalith Rao
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Mind Hack
Alien Mental - Mind HackMind Hack is a complex full-length audio-trip by Alien Mental presented to you by Insomnia records. The man behind a project is La from Chennai (India), currently living in San Francisco.

This release is a result of a diligent studio work and one of the most expected debut albums from blasting California scene which delivered us many talents during last few years.

Alien Mental makes deep dive in the ocean of trancepersonal experience. «Mind Hack» is full of visionary revelations and deep reflection about global karma and a place of human being in the reality. With his album La has put together an amalgamation of his psychedelic ventures in the land of woodstock and from the across the world.

The main idea of «Mind Hack» is to open the mind of a listener for perception of cosmic spirit and timeless values which seemed to be forgotten in dreadful Kali-Yuga. Music is a universal language and Alien Mental definitely knows how to speak it. His message sound close and clear for every active meditation adept in the Universe.

From one track to another the musician builds up a perfect psychedelic story for the deep night winter hours with loud and banging speakers!

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