• 2002Year of creation
  • 268Tracks released
  • 53Parties organised
  • 11735Facebook followers
  • 29Releases published
  • 52Artists signed

About Insomnia Records


Insomnia Records is the oldest currently active psychedelic trance label based in Russia.

For over a decade we specialize in delivering high quality psytrance records and parties to the local and international audience.

We defined what is called today the Russian, or dark, sound with its fast hypnotic beats, rolling basslines and epic atmosphere, and became a legend of the global underground scene with a massive list of releases and an impressive artist pool.

Created in Moscow in 2002, Insomnia Records is a strong crew of musicians, DJs and designers who share the same values and lifestyle. Our rich background and bright vision of the future allow us to stay on the cutting edge of modern art and sound production. We still believe in the power and magic of trance music and continue to please psy-tribes worldwide with blasting events and top notch releases.

After being spaced out for a while, we come back with a new web-site and fresh content for adding colours to your trips. Expect something special from both the usual suspects and brilliant newcomers as well. Let the beat of our hearts synchronize with the pulse of the Universe in a sacred dance meditation, share love and passion in the new era!

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