Students of Anthropology

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Students of Anthropology
Students of AnthropologyInsomnia records is extremely proud to open year 2018 with a first full-length solo-album of Kaos – a wild and internationally well-known greek producer Dimitris Papapavlos.

It’s a pure psychedelic gem consisting of 10 perfectly built dreamy sci-fi tracks with a mystery story flowing from the very first to the last sound of the music. «Students Of Anthropology» is carefully mixing 21st century sound synthesis with ancient tribal dance grooves causing a deep hypnotic feeling which reveals in the mind of a listener deeply buried memories of our ancestor’s knowledge of life and nature.

It’s a brilliant sample of what our favourite electronic genre can be when great composing skills meet unique production approach. Dimitris was sharpening his style for years before getting prepared to represent this album to the worldwide audience and there is a long story and big work behind every tune on it. You’ll never miss his music with anything else.

We really hope that it will inspire you as much as us. Get your copy and enjoy it loud! Beautiful cover-art was created by Moscow artist Igor Psypepper. Mastered by Petran.

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