Insomnia Records 20 Years in Space

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    Dj Becar & Dj Sunshine
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Insomnia Records 20 Years in Space
20 years in space
The anniversary compilation is showcasting the unique experience which was collected through the 20 years long journey of Insomnia Records. DJs Becar & Sunshine tried to combine together the artits who have been with us for many years along the way with authentic russian darkpsy and forest tracks, supporting the local scene in Russia, which was a big point for the label since the first released compilation.
Important to mention that the compilation is not about the oldschool sound, all of the tracks here are brand new cutting edge products for the night time dancefloor to fill it with a special psychedelic energy.
We highly appreciate all the effort done by the artists, designers, mastering engineers and other participating persons and would like to say a big THANK YOU to all ever invloved. More 20 years in space to come!

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