Archaic Revival

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Archaic Revival
Zumi - Archaic RevivalImagine that we live in a different world. The world where people have choice and can trust each other, The world living in harmony with Mother Earth and all it’s creatures.

The world which was lost by our ancestors because of too much desire for unnecessary things. Self-sufficient, organic, ecological, full of love, laugh, joy and high-souled work of positive changing of ambience we’re living in.

Just very few people nowadays try to make this bright vision true. Zumi’s debut album ìArchaic Revivalî reflects his passion for anthropological researches in the heart of Amazonia and reconstruction of sacred ancient rituals for the 21st century purposes. Today, when most of humanity is living almost as far from natural way as possible he offers to take a look back and learn from the past with his hypnotic sound-works produced deep in Peruvian selva.

Listen and enjoy this true psychedelic trance masterpiece brought to you by legendary russian Insomnia records after few years of silence. This is a brilliant sample of classic Insomnia sound which make it famous all over the world.

Exclusive cover-art by Troo-too-too

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