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DJ BecarVadim Becar, the founder and creator of Insomnia Records began his trance music journey in 1995. Started to collect tracks he shortly became one of the biggest collectors of psychedelic trance music in Russia. From 2000 Becar visited Goa every year, where he tried himself as a dj. Totally made up his mind which direction in the psytrance music to follow, in 2002 Becar established his label Insomnia Records – to promote this kind of music. Since that moment Becar started to release albums and compilations which became popular worldwide, at the same time he presented new label music in his dj-sets all around the world, in: Russia, Goa, Thailand, Europe, Japan etc.
Apart from the label management Vadim is constantly working as a party organizer.
For now Insomnia Records, headed by Becar published lots of conceptual releases, made huge volume of parties with unique musical lineups, also currently organizing Insomnia Trance Culture Festival.

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