Already Maged

Book Artist

Already MagedAsk of the leaves…Layers down at the shapes
With hissing splash, at forest depth
And creaky scream between my mirrors
Goes deep inside the air meets changes
All elements are here at one
All rays in one the spell is come…

Why “Already Maged” ?

When big finger put on two other and make fast move
there will be a sound like a click
like a drop falling into own substance
made the bell accent with water rings
a spot in all composition which divides what before and what goes after…
after this what happened immediately already happened…
The spell is done by someone… for some moments you will feel its working on you
That all around start to change from small spots to big secrets…
Magic is already happened its start to work now and we have the same feelings…
To describe this click moment, Already Maged is…

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