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MakumbaMario Sounoglou is the Mind behind the Kokobloko, Darkshire, Makumba Projects..Born and living in Athens, Greece since December 1984. Studied Computer Science in Lamia, Central Greece, then switched to Computer Animation to get his Msc Degree in Kent, UK.

Mario discovered Psychedelic Trance in early 2000 by enjoying music in Festivals and bit later Djing privately. In August 2004, Mario gets his first steps into production. At same time, Mario meets Viktor Zolotarenko in a visit to Greece and his Music Conception and Style is what influenced him to the most..His First release come out with Zolod Parasense/Terminator at Vertigo Records on 2005. Next Releases follow in Labels such as Discovalley Records, Tantrumm, Manic Dragon, Drop Out Productions, Mighty Quinn, Trishula, Foot Stomping Records..In 2006 the Kokobloko Project initiates it s Experiments (along with Gregorio Materia Increada/Gr.) Later on due to life complications he proceeds solo to the Kokobloko Project. His Debut Album “Darkshire & Amigos – Break Down” comes in June 2009 in Helicon Sound System Records. Later this year follows his Split Album “Distorted Shire” along with Nelsun – Mind Distortion System in Lycantrop Records. Meanwhile collaborations appear with Kolya Furious/Crazy Astronaut in Kolya ‘s Album Renegade in Osom Music and with Fareji Jalebi in Parvati Records. In Summer 2010 some more Releases come in Labels such as Pukkawallah (Japan), Lycantrop Records, Deviant Force Records (Germany). At Mid Autumn 2011, he establish of his own Music Label ” Future Tribe Office “… In 2012 Future Tribe Office releases the debut Kokobloko & Friendz – Pobeg V Budushee Album …Later on this year Discovalley Records releases his last work of Darkshire Project , the ” Path of Memories ” Album. At Autumn 2013 he launch his new project “Makumba”, evolution of darkshire sound with it s Debut EP “Drawn to life”.

He performed numerous times across Europe in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Rebublic, Greece and Abroad Europe, in Japan, Brazil, India, Nepal…In September 2014 he releases the second full length Kokobloko album ”FutureProof” through Future Tribe Office”. In February 2015 A Collaboration with Matteo Radice from Italy leads to their collaborative “Brain Board” Album Release also on F.T.O. The second Makumba EP is nearly to be completed and then released on Insomnia Records so,Stay Tuned….!

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