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FuriousNikolay Golutvin – one of the brightest and most talented psychedelic artists from Russia. He has already released the album “Not For Fame” with Vertigo Records, “Uncanny Beats” with Insomnia Records, “Supremacy” with Technical Freaks Records and “Renegade” album of Crazy Astronaut project by Osom Music. Also Nikolay worked on a double album of his project “Paradigma” which was supposed to release with Deja Vu Records, but still didn’t reach the listener because the label got closed.

Also Nikolay released huge amount of tracks on the compilations of many leading worldwide psytrance labels.

Music by Furious can make the listener to get different feelings and emotions as it is a multifaceted story, from deep and athmospheric to fast and powerful, but always provided with special psychedelic energy.

Currently Nikolay is working on Crazy Astronaut and his side project NVG music making.

Insomnia Records